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Patience - 28 Marzo 17:40

nice sucking

Kandra - 1 Diciembre 22:02

Turn on more light you stupid fucks, you can't see half the fucking!!!

Lilliana - 24 Noviembre 18:24


Wondoloski - 27 Enero 03:03

The third case is when a drunk person forces unsolicited sex on another. This is like the drunk driving example, where the choice of one drunk individual directly puts another person into harm's path. This is rape, but it is the drunk who is at fault here. Individuals are still responsible to respect consent while drunk.

Aboulissan - 7 Abril 05:44

That is fake as it gets

Hilbert - 20 Abril 08:25

Who is she?

Schillaci - 16 Augusto 18:02

I think you got a hot juicy handful there! Way to go man !!!!

Wava - 22 Noviembre 04:44

She is just so horny. Her husband hasn't touched her in almost a year and they are separating. She stops by my place every morning. Some days we fuck four or five times a day. She can't seem to orgasm enough.