Escorts suecas en El Sauzal

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The ~two weeks beforehand is when an ovary release an egg and it travels down the fallopian(sp? tube to the uterus to meet or not meet a sperm cell. If it doesn't meet a sperm cell then the uterine lining is shed because it doesn't need to stick around to act as a home for the zygote. But this is if you aren't on a hormonal birth control, then it's a whole different story and the period you have isn't even real. (Trust me, that actually makes sense when you understand it Yay knowledge! :)

Hazel - 4 Mayo 19:32

not clear what they want to do

Domingo - 21 Marzo 12:22

This has nothing to do with the video.but she kind of looks like Trisha Hershberger.